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BAER’s Julie Nottage Wins NASA Safety Award

BAER’s Julie Nottage has been recognized by NASA Ames Research Center under its Safety Awards Program.  NASA established the program to recognize individuals whose actions, behavior, and job performance go above and beyond the call of duty resulting in improved health and safety conditions.

Julie has worked at NASA Ames for 17 years, and currently provides facility services for Building N245 on the NASA Ames campus.  This safety award recognizes the diligence and creativity that Julie brings to her assignments.

NASA particularly prizes the finesse and diplomacy Julie demonstrates in communicating with other staff members over changing safety requirements.

NASA also values the way Julie has proactively and effectively informed personnel and management of new or changed safety requirements. Julie has developed a monthly report complete with pictures to management to highlight safety conditions within each laboratory space. She has also created a laboratory certification spreadsheet for each component to make it easier for management to stay abreast of laboratory certifications. In addition, Julie created a new website to make training information more accessible to employees baffled by NASA’s code Q website. Julie has made particular efforts to train new interns regarding NASA’s safety procedures, creating posters summarizing building requirements and worksheets used by management and mentors to document safety training requirements.

Congratulations to Julie on this well-deserved award!

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