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Group Led by BAER’s Dr. Meloë Kacenelenbogen Wins a Three-Year Award From NASA to Study Atmospheric Aerosols

NASA has selected a team led by BAER’s Dr. Meloë Kacenelenbogen to study atmospheric aerosols. Through the three-year project, Dr. Kacenelenbogen will work with scientists from NASA, NOAA, and several universities on a number of tasks designed to improve the predictions made by chemical transport models regarding the composition of aerosols present in the atmosphere.

Multi-Disciplinary Team, Including BAER’s Dr. Darlene Lim, Wins NASA Ames Honor Award

A team of scientists, including BAER’s Dr. Darlene Lim, have won the prestigious NASA Ames Honor Award for Group Achievement for the Pavilion Lake Research Project. The project, being conducted at a lake in British Columbia, hopes to develop greater insight into the search for life in our solar system and beyond.

BAER Institute’s Dr. Tom Barclay is named Director of Kepler & K2 Mission Guest Observer Office

Dr. Barclay succeeds Dr. Martin Still as Director of the Kepler Guest Observer Office and was selected from a highly competitive field for his specialized skill set and significant scientific contributions. The Kepler Guest Observer Office leads, and provides support to, the community of scientists using Kepler and K2 data.

Margaret Williams Joins BAER as Associate Director of Research

BAER Institute welcomes Margaret Williams as its new Associate Director of Research. Margaret comes to BAER from Impact Carbon, a non-profit organization that uses carbon finance to increase access to clean energy technologies in the developing world. Margaret served as Program Manager for carbon asset development, overseeing all survey design, fuel and emissions data collection, data analysis and document preparation for carbon asset validation and verification under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the Gold Standard Registry.

TV Documentary Features BAER Institute’s Climate Research

The Showtime television series “Years of Living Dangerously” premiered this month focusing on the role of greenhouse gases in global warming and the danger to the planet posed by rapid climate change. The series’ opening segment shows actor Harrison Ford’s visit to NASA Ames Research Center where he participated in a Project AJAX mission and watched the display of climate data compiled by the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) project. Both AJAX and NEX are climate research projects with BAER Institute scientists playing key roles.


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