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International Team, Including BAER’s Lucia Kleint, Nails Observation of X-Class Solar Flare

On March 29, 2014, a team of scientists, including BAER's Dr. Lucia Kleint, obtained some of the highest resolution observations to date of an "X-class" solar flare, the largest and rarest type of such solar eruptions. Solar flares are classified into different categories, with X (for eXtreme) being the most energetic type. X-class flares occur less than once per month on average, but a year or more can pass without any occurring at all. The eruption was observed by many ground- and space-based telescopes simultaneously, making it one of the best observed flares in solar research.

Press Release: NASA Awards $137 Million to BAER Institute to Collaborate with Three Universities on Atmospheric Research Led by Ames Research Center Scientists

Under the Cooperative Agreement, NASA, BAER, and the three universities, University of North Dakota, California State University at Monterey Bay, and the University of California at Davis will conduct research on critical areas such as basic climate processes and how they impact global ecosystems.


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