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BAERI Participate in Experiment with German Aerospace Center

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Members of the National Suborbital Research Center (NSRC) recently returned from Ramstein, Germany, after supporting a joint research project with the German Aerospace Center (DLR).  Adam Webster (Mission Director), Kelly Edmond (Mission Director-in-training), Dave van Gilst (data system and Satcom operator), and Ryan Bennett (data system operator and data manager) were on-board the DC-8 that flew in tandem with an Airbus A320 to determine how alternative jet fuel emissions affect the environment.  This campaign is part of a series of projects involving different aircraft and sampling techniques.  Known as a “flying laboratory” the DC-8 was equipped with several instruments that sampled and analyzed gases and particles in the wake of the A320.

The campaign generated media interest in both the US and Germany:


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